Diversity Lottery

DV Lottery Visit this site http://www.usgreencardoffice.com/ for more information on DV Lottery. Many people desire to live permanently in USA but some of reasons they don't attain US Visa. For those aspiring people US Government conducts DV Lottery and the applicant who participates in this lottery rewarded as a Green card which allows a legal and permanent residency in United States. According to this lottery the government gives the chance to change their current status to the American Green Card status and issued 50,000 green cards to the Immigrants who are eligible in this lottery.
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US Visa Lottery Browse this site http://www.usgreencardoffice.com/ for more information on US Visa Lottery. The US Visa Lottery is also known as a Green card Lottery and Diversity Lottery or DV Lottery Visa program and it's one of the most awaited programs for many aspiring professional who are dreaming to live in USA. The existence of this program is because only 60,000 people can get visa through H1- B visa and the demand is exceeded so people try their luck to get US visa through the diversity lottery program.
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